Church Band Inspires Their Way to Top of Do The Jingle Charts

Church Band member William Burton finished last years SafeAuto Do The Jingle contest in fourth place. Being so close to victory made the drummer even more determined to win the 2011 competition. Burton gathered the rest of his band, Marcus Bell, Darryl Washington, Lethaniel Harris, and Alfonso Jones to put together a Jingle that would contend for the grand prize.

With less than three days left in the competition, The Church Band has received over 216,384 votes and is currently in first place. “It’s fun not just for The Church Band but also for the whole ministry,” Burton said of the competition, “we’re having a ball with this contest.”

The Illinois based band wanted to incorporate their music talents for the contest while sending a message about the importance of having auto insurance while driving. “Not having auto insurance is a major liability, “exclaimed lead singer Darryl Washington, “nobody should get behind the wheel without having coverage.” Their message is clearly hitting home with the viewers as they currently sit in first place.

The Church Band is remaining positive as the clock continues to wind down in the competition, but they are not celebrating just yet. “Anything can happen with this competition and it’s anyone’s game to win,” said bass guitar player Lethaniel Harris, “We are still asking people to continue to vote for us so we can win this competition!”

Regardless of what place The Church Band finishes in, they plan on using the finances to donate to their local community church, Liberty Temple.

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