Clay Guida Discusses His Upcoming Fight in UFC 125

There are few fighters in all of MMA more popular than SafeAuto Fight Team member Clay “The Carpenter” Guida, and this Saturday, Guida will take his talents to Las Vegas for UFC 125: Resolution.  The Play It Safe Blog had a chance to sit down with Guida and get a piece of his mind during fight week:

Play It Safe Blog: How do you feel right now?

Clay Guida: I’m ready to rock n’ roll.  There’s going to be fireworks in the octagon on New Years Day as you have your classic “wrestler vs. striker” matchup.  I’m feeling great.

PISB: Have you done anything special to prepare for Takanori Gomi?

CG: I’ve done a lot of wrestling and head movement work.  It’s important to try to stay out of his range as Gomi is a great striker.  I’m planning to put him on his back.

PISB: Are you looking to take the fight to the ground?

CG: Definitely.  I don’t want to get hit by this guy. Gomi put Tyson Griffin down on a brutal knockout and Griffin has one of the strongest chins in the game. I need to avoid his big shots and wrestle him.

PISB: After Gomi, who would you like to fight?

CG: I’m focused on the bigger picture. I want to fight the guys in line for title contention and go through anyone to get the Lightweight belt.

PISB: How did you feel when you first heard that SafeAuto Insurance Company was going to sponsor the UFC?

CG: I was ecstatic. I was even coming up with commercial ideas! I’m looking to give back to SafeAuto as much as they help us. It’s great to see an insurance company come in and support the sport and its athletes.

PISB: What does fighting for the SafeAuto Fight Team mean to you?

CG: It’s special to be hand-picked to be on the team.  They are not just going out and taking anybody. Being on the SafeAuto Fight Team is a compliment to me, my family, and my training.

PISB: Why do you think you are one of the most popular fighters in MMA?

CG: I think that average fans relate to me. I’m a blue collar carpenter…a hard worker. Win or lose, I always leave everything I have out there for the fans. I work hard to become the best lightweight fighter in the world, but more important to me is making sure I give everything I have each and every opportunity.

PISB: How will you spend New Years Eve and do you have anything special planned after the fight?

CG: As New Years is the night before the fight, I’m just going to spend it with my coaches, teammates and family.  After the destruction of Gomi on Saturday, there’s going to be fireworks all over the town! I love fighting in Las Vegas, as I do some of my best work there. 

PISB: You are known for being an avid fan of the film “The Big Lebowski”.  Any favorite lines?

CG: There are too many to count! Off the top of my head there is “You got the wrong guy, I’m The Dude, so that’s what you call me!”

PISB: The dude abides. 

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