Clay Guida: The SafeAuto Commerical


Recently, Clay Guida did what we’ve all wanted to do to uninsured drivers: politely convince them that maybe they should have some auto insurance, for the sake of others if not themselves. Of course, we’re a little surprised that having the number eight lightweight fighter in the world turn up at his door didn’t automatically convince our friend Stan to get some insurance, but some people just need a little extra nudge. Apparently, that can be accomplished through massive property damage caused by a popular MMA fighter. 

Guida, on the surface, is actually an incredibly intimidating and scary guy. His record is an impressive 29-11, with five knockouts, 15 submissions, and nine decisions. He was the Strikeforce Lightweight Champion, has been featured as the Fight of the Night in UFC four times and Submission of the Night twice, and had a fifteen-win streak. In his most recent fight, he took down the number-one lightweight contender, Anthony Pettis, without breaking a sweat.

Guida has been a part of several other MMA leagues…and he did all of this with MMA as a hobby. He trained and fought in his spare time, and kept food on the table with his day job as a carpenter. Hence “The Carpenter,” his nickname. Yes, he’s so tough that full-contact fighting was just something he did to pass the time while his days were occupied with heavy manual labor and complex construction work.

Even when he loses, he’s still impressive. For example, his fight with Diego Sanchez, at Ultimate Fighter 9, is the stuff of legends. Guida took an absolute pounding from Sanchez, including a headkick that dropped him to the mat in the first round, and still managed to force the fight to a split decision. In short, he’s a tough guy.

But he also has a nice-guy side. For example, when the Illinois High School Sports Association didn’t want to pay for a highlight video at the 2011 Illinois wrestling championships, Guida, a former high school wrestler himself who loved the videos, actually paid for it out of his own pocket. He’s also very supportive of other MMA fighters from his home state, including his brother Jason.

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