Conspiracy Theory Jumps Up The Leaderboard

As the first weekend of the Do The Jingle contest came to a close, Dallas-based rock band Conspiracy Theory has jumped to second place in total votes and currently leads the field in the most viewed category, with over double the views of the vote-leading Pinnell Dancers. 

While the Do The Jingle contest is still young, this is an encouraging sign for all AC/DC fans, as Conspiracy Theory belted out a SafeAuto jingle to the tune of the epic song “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” one of my personal favorites.

While lead singer Dana Eddy bears no physical resemblance to Angus Young, he definitely nails the voice, and his lyrics are polished by really focusing on the benefits of the SafeAuto brand, much like Weird Al Yankovic serenading the benefits of eBay.

As the contest unfolds over the next two months, we will follow Conspiracy Theory closely to see which Australian rock band they more closely resemble; rockers with staying power like AC/DC, or flash in the pan pop rockers Savage Garden.For all of our sakes, hopefully the former.

[Conspiracy Theory offical site]


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