Defensive Driving Tips

Defensive Driving Tips

As winter begins to unfold, the wintry conditions that come with this season are beginning to fall across our roadways. With colder temperatures comes risky wintry conditions that make our roadways trickier to navigate. Driving during inclement conditions can be stress-inducing. Thus, for drivers to feel as confident as possible when being faced with harsher weather conditions, it’s important to be well-versed in how to drive defensively.

With the drastic drop in temperatures comes slicker roadways for our tires to endure. However, even with these conditions, there will still be those time-crunched drivers that will produce a more hectic commute for everyone on the roadways. In order to keep yourself as safe as possible when you’re behind the wheel this winter, here is our list of defensive driving tips.

defensive driving tips

Defensive driving tips

  • Focus. With inclement weather, it’s crucial to remain as focused as possible, while you’re behind the wheel. With wintry conditions covering the roadways, all cars on the road are at risk for slipping. Thus, remain conscientious of all your surroundings while avoiding all distractions is critical in order to have a safe drive.
  • Stick to the speed limit. With winter just now beginning, there are several weeks left of the season for drivers to be wary of inclement weather before getting behind the wheel. Although it can be tempting to put your pedal to the metal, it’s best to stick to the speed limits as best as you can. That 10-15 mph over the limit isn’t worth risking getting a ticket or getting into a car accident.  
  • Never go on the offense. It’s no secret that road rage exists on and off the roadways. Because of this, there’s always a chance of encountering it while on the road. If and when that situation presents itself, it’s best to be ‘the better’ driver by ignoring the temptation to engage and respond to their hostility. Winter already presents us with plenty of obstacles to navigate around – there’s no need to add another hurdle to jump through!
  • Be cognizant of your blind spots. As we all know, our vehicles have blind spots. Once a driver is used to driving the make and model of their car, they learn where those blind spots are. Especially before merging into traffic or switching into another line, it’s imperative to check your blind spots to confidently avoid a collision.

Wintry conditions on the roadways are stressful for all drivers to have to endure. In order to feel confident in how you handle your vehicle amongst other drivers on the road this season, it’s important to follow these defensive driving safety tips. Drive safe!