Disasters on Video: When Roads Swallow Cars

There are a lot of bad things that can happen to a car. It can get dinged up or smashed in an auto accident. It can slide sideways on ice. It can even be the landing spot for a tree branch or light pole in a storm.

But getting swallowed up by a road? That’s fairly rare. However, it does happen … and here are eight videos which prove it.

1. The Truth About What Happened in Duluth


You may have heard about the record-breaking flooding in Duluth, Minnesota earlier this year. The water caused all kinds of damage, but it also created a sinkhole which swallowed up a luxury car. And summer is supposed to be time of year when Minnesota is fun to visit.

2. “Perfectly Formed” Sinkhole in Georgia

Sinkholes aren’t supposed to be pretty, but this one in Gwinnett County, Georgia could have been created by an artist. It’s almost perfectly oval-shaped and is the ideal size for the sedan that fell down into it. You almost hate to fill it back in!

3. Don’t You Hate It When That Happens

You park your car near your apartment and leave it, and you expect it to be there when you get back. Even if it gets stolen, you can at least collect on the auto insurance policy. But you don’t expect it to be swallowed up by a sinkhole! That’s what happened to a guy in Milwaukee. It just wasn’t his day.

4. Don’t You Hate It When That Happens II

So you’re driving on the roadway and you see a puddle of water. You think nothing of running over it … until your car goes nose-first into it and your rear bumper is straight up in the air. That’s what happened to a Houston driver who drove over what turned out to be a sinkhole caused by a water main break.

5. Mayhem in Manchester

Never let it be said that nothing ever happens in Manchester, New Hampshire. A water main broke on a street, causing a large sinkhole to open up underneath a car. The good news? The car remained perched at the top of the sinkhole. The bad news? It was hovering over a gas line.

6. Nature Calls – Then Swallows Your Car


In Florida, a husband and wife were driving when they pulled over into a rest area to you use the restroom. Minutes later, they returned only to find their car slumped down into a 12-foot deep sinkhole in the parking lot. It’s one of those rare times when your bladder saves your life.

7. An Egyptian Engineering Problem

When you’re building a new underground Metro line, it doesn’t inspire public confidence if you create a massive hole in a roadway. This raw video from Cairo, Egypt actually shows a teetering car falling into the sinkhole. Guess the construction schedule is going to have to be pushed back again.

8. Bolivian “Death Road”

This might be the scariest of all the videos on this page — and that’s in spite of (or maybe because of?) the fact that you can’t really see the large bus collapse on a muddy road and go tumbling over a huge dropoff. Moral of the story: never buy a bus ticket in a South American country.

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