Distracted Driving Statistics

In the world we live in today, time equals money. Multitasking has become the norm, and sometimes even doing two things at once is not enough. We are constantly in overload doing so many things at one time, it’s almost impossible to keep track. We’re working, checking Facebook, responding to emails and/or texts, drinking our coffee, and reapplying our makeup all at the same time. And that’s just everything we’re doing while we’re driving to work.
According to the CDC, each day in the United States, more than 9 people are killed and more than 1,060 people are injured in car crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver. In 2010, nearly one in five crashes (18%) in which someone was injured involved distracted driving, and the problem has only gotten worse.
Many states are enacting laws such as banning texting while driving to help raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, but there are no conclusive numbers discussing the effectiveness on these laws on decreasing distracted driving-related crashes.
As the weather gets colder and driving conditions get more dangerous, we urge… no, we beg our customers to please be careful and pay attention while you’re behind the wheel. A Huffington Post article puts it extremely well when it says, “Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we look at drivers who exhibit distracted behavior with the same disdain and condemnation that we see in drunk drivers. It is at that point that most of us will begin to be more critical of our own behavior behind the wheel and make more of an effort to eliminate those driving distractions. No more taking it for granted.”
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