Do The Jingle 2 Begins!

It is with great excitement and anticipation that we can announce the second annual Do The Jingle contest has officially begun.  Beginning on Thanksgiving Day and running until January 31st, Do The Jingle will feature scores of talented individuals all aiming for the top prize of $5,000 and the chance to star in a SafeAuto ad campaign.

Much like last year’s contest, the various original entries are voted on by the general public, allowing the country (or world for that matter) to choose the winner.

There are a few changes to this years contest:

  • There is no “final round” – whoever has the most votes on January 31st is the winner.
  • The site now features a section highlighting last years winners, the Potters House Choir, as it shows their original Do The Jingle entry, the behind-the-scenes making of their commercial, as well as the final commercial that was made and currently airs nationwide.
  • A “Facebook Connect” feature has been added, allowing contestants and voters to easily display their favorite videos within their facebook profile, allowing greater access to their videos.
  • Cash prizes for all videos that finish in the top-5.
  • New downloads, including wallpapers and the SafeAuto jingle.

We look forward to providing the best coverage of this contest, as SafeAuto finds their new commercial talent.

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