Do The Jingle commercial shoot

The commercial shoot finally arrived this week after Lady Rerun’s first place win of SafeAuto’s Do The Jingle contest this year. Justin Case and Lady Rerun came together to shoot a commercial in SafeAuto’s home town, Columbus, Ohio.

Lady Rerun performed her version of SafeAuto famous 1-800-SAFEAUTO jingle back in November in Atlanta and won the Contest with a record number of 58,415 votes. Portia joined Justin Case for this round of commercials as a result to winning the contest. Lady Rerun is a singer, actress, and radio host from Atlanta, daughter of Fred “Rerun” Berry from NBC’s “What’s Happening.”

Last year’s contest brought many entries with the Potter’s House Choir from Columbus, Ohio, coming out on top with 30,753 votes. They won an advertising contract with SafeAuto Insurance and recorded their winning commercial in late August 2009.

Stay tuned in the next couple of months to view the final version of Justin and Lady Rerun’s debut to television together!

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