“Do the Jingle” Winners: Where Are They Now?

Becoming the winning contestant of our “Do the Jingle” contest takes time, perseverance and creativity. But the rewards are great: $5000.00, and your own SafeAuto television ad! We’re running our contest again for 2011, allowing you to vote on who should get famous in this year’s prize for the best rendition of the SafeAuto jingle [click here to vote].

Recently we checked in with some of our winners from past years, to see how they are doing since winning our contest.

Lady Rerun

In 2010, Lady Rerun won our contest with a spirited rendition of the SafeAuto jingle that took place in a call center. Rerun is the daughter of Fred “Rerun” Berry, who starred in such television sitcoms as “What’s Happening!!” and “What’s Happening Now!!”.


So what’s happening now? After her SafeAuto commercial hit television, Lady Rerun decided to take on bigger television projects. She is now working hard as a TV and radio personality. She even hosts her own online radio show at her website. You can check out the Lady Rerun Show every Monday and Tuesday nights from 11:30 PM to 1:30 AM EST.

The Potter’s House, a church located in Columbus, OH, had a choir that pulled off a big “Do the Jingle” win in 2009. Their version, a holiday-themed rendition of our famous song, struck a chord with voters. We were so impressed with their “Jingle Bells” inspired version that we just had to make a SafeAuto spot with them in it!


Today, the Potter’s House Choir is still going strong. They have their own page on MySpace and continue to minister to hundreds of churchgoers every Sunday. Led by their music minister Daryl Wicker, they continue to sing out their message to anyone who wants to listen!

Are You Ready?

So far we have had two talented winners for our contest. This begs the question: who’s got what it takes to “Do the Jingle” this year? Every vote counts, so please check out the finalists of our third annual contest! Hurry… time is running out!

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