Do You Need Accident Health Insurance?

Do You Need Accident Health Insurance?

No matter where you work, what industry you work in, or what types of equipment you use, you will run into safety risks. We do our best to minimize these risks, but the truth is, anyone can get injured on the job.  We’re not just talking about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome — maybe you need to operate a forklift at work. What do you do if the pallets you’re moving fall and hurt you? This is just one of the many injuries’ accident insurance can cover. When you’re looking for the right health insurance, there’s a lot to think about, including whether you need accident coverage.

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What is accident health insurance?

Despite the name, this type of insurance is referring to health insurance. (That’s covered in auto insurance policies that cover bodily injury). Instead, it’s a type of supplemental insurance that can be purchased to pay for expenses that your major medical insurance doesn’t cover. More specifically, it covers costs associated with the care that comes from accidental injuries, such as transportation, treatment, and staying in the hospital.

Another way this type of insurance differs from your medical insurance is that there isn’t a lack of network restrictions associated with it. Therefore, you can see any doctor or visit any hospital without having to sit through a waiting period before you can use your benefits.

What types of accidents does it cover?

When considering purchasing insurance for accidents, it’s important to know what qualifies and will be covered. Here’s a list of situations that may be covered:

  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Concussions and eye injuries
  • Burns and lacerations
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Inpatient surgery and physical therapy

We want you to know this isn’t an exhaustive list and coverage may differ by plan. We recommend calling your insurance provider to check what situations they are prepared to cover.

Find the right accident health care coverage for you

If you have yet to purchase insurance coverage for accidents, you may want to do a little research. Many plans are customizable based on budget and your needs, so it’s a good practice to call and ask what is covered and any other questions you may have. We recommend Auego Benefits accident insurance coverage. You can get a quote online or call 855-446-4405 for assistance.

We hope you find the right plan and coverage for your family.