Do You Need The Car Title To Get Auto Insurance?

Did you know that you don’t usually need your car’s title in order to get auto insurance? Well, it’s true! Most auto insurance companies understand that not everyone has easy access to the title of their vehicle. Your vehicle may be financed or you may be leasing a car, both of which are cases where you probably would not have access to the title.


Though the title may not be required, showing proof that you have insurable interest in the car usually is. According to an article on, “possessing an insurance interest in a vehicle essentially means that you’d suffer an economic loss if it were damaged. Typically, those considered to have an insurable interest in a vehicle are owners, lineholders, and co-signers. To confirm insurable interest, you may need to provide the car’s registration in your name. If you’ve just bought the vehicle, then showing a title signed over to you or a bill of sale in yoru name may also work as proof with some insurers.”

So, if you do not have the title to your car, do not fear. You should still be able to get insurance. Looking for the company with the best rates? Visit SafeAuto’s website today at for a free quote.

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