Doing The Jingle In Austin

Sixth Street is the famous strip of bars and restaurants in Austin, Texas where talented musicians constantly perform to anxious onlookers. When walking down this well-known road, there is a bright red piece of art on a brick wall that instantaneously captures the eyes of tourists and locals who walk by. It reads, “Austin, Texas… Live Music Capital of the World!”

Caricatures of Stevie Ray, Willie Nelson and Janis Joplin are present on this wall. Musicians in the capital city of the lone star state are constantly looking for their big break. Dozens of musicians in Austin auditioned for SafeAuto’s “Do The Jingle” contest in hopes of getting national publicity, which would result in the grand prize of $5,000 plus a role in a SafeAuto Insurance commercial.

“I just wrecked my car and could certainly use that cash,” stated musician Luke Zen, who was born and raised in Austin. “The commercial appearance would be amazing also because it would get my name out there on a national level.”

SafeAuto, the state minimum auto insurance company, will be traveling to eleven cities in search of the winner of their annual “Do The Jingle” contest. Austin, Texas was the tenth stop for the SafeAuto team and certainly boasted some memorable jingles. “You can’t pick a better place in the country when looking for musicians than this town, said Jackie Venson, a guitarist and vocalist in Austin who regularly performs gigs in the Austin music scene.

While the jingles in Austin were certainly memorable, come January 2, 2013, voting will determine whether the public believes that Austin has the catchiest SafeAuto tune or if a talented musician from another city will emerge victorious.

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