Donald Duck Busted for His 5th DUI

Residents of the Magic Kingdom are holding their heads in shame today, while residents of Massillon, Ohio feel a little safer while on the road.  That is because Donald Duck, the man, not the animated duck of Disney lore was arrested for his fifth DUI over the weekend. 

While at a Little Caesars drive-thru, Mr. Duck repeatedly rear ended the car in front of him, causing minor damage and major annoyance.  The police were called in, and sure enough, it was revealed that Duck had been drinking and taking pain killers, leading to another arrest.  No word on whether his car had auto insurance.

This continues a disturbing DUI trend for noteworthy Ohioans, which includes the lady who just couldn’t contain herself.  Donald Duck is awaiting bail, which may not be paid in Disney Dollars.

[Source: KSTU Fox 13]

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