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Don’t Bug Out! Cicadas Are Coming And Here’s How To Prepare.

May 28, 2021

What are cicadas?

For those of you who may be new to the Eastern United States, or simply have not been around for the past 17 years, Cicada Bugs are insects that live underground. Formally known as Magiciada Cassnii, a large generation of these bugs only comes out once every 17 years – and 2021 is that year! The generation of cicadas in 2021 are called Brood X, the Great Eastern Brood.

Where will they be?

States that Cicadas will emerge in large quantities are:

Should I be worried?

No! There is no need to be afraid of these creatures, they only eat plants! They will only be out and about for five or six weeks. However, we do recommend taking some precautions to protect your belongings:

Remember that Cicada bugs are not here to hurt you. They leave underground to mate, so listen out for their call! Their hum can reach up to 100 decibels! If you hear or see a Cicada, a fun thing to do with the kids is log it in the Cicada Tracker. It helps the fancy bug scientists do their job!

Here’s a coloring sheet from SafeAuto to print out and enjoy! Stay safe!

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