Down the Stretch They Come!

Heading into the final weekend of voting in the 2nd annual Do The Jingle contest, The Pinnell Dancers and Lady Rerun are running neck n’ neck as we head to the finish line.  As of this articles posting time, the Pinnell Dancers were holding onto a four vote lead in the Top 20

As everyone familiar to this contest knows, no lead is safe, as these two contestants have demonstrated that they have passionate and dedicated fan bases, willing to vote every hour to ensure their favorite entry is the winner.  It all comes down to the next few days, as the dancers from Columbus, Ohio look to edge out the singer/actress/radio host from Atlanta, Georgia.

There’s no telling who will pull it out and win the opportunity to star in an upcoming SafeAuto Insurance commercial, but there is no doubt that each of these contestants is worthy of being the next star.

Keep visiting the Do The Jingle site and registering your vote as you can decide who the next winner will be.  Every vote counts!

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