Drive Safe: The 3 Best Hands-Free Headsets on the Market

Hey, you want to save money on your auto insurance premiums? It’s easy: just don’t get into accidents!

So how do you reduce your likelihood of accidents? By driving defensively (check), watching your speed (check), obeying all traffic laws (got it), and not talking on your cell phone while driving. (Whoa, now – that’s just CRAZY talk!)

If this isn’t feasible for you, then consider investing in a hands-free headset for use while driving. With Bluetooth technology, these devices are more advanced and affordable than ever. And studies indicate that hands-free headset users are less likely to be in an accident than traditional cell phone users.

Which hands-free headset should you buy? Here are the three best on the market today:

Aliph Jawbone Era: This product gives you amazing HD-quality audio and reduced noise reduction to go with all that hands-free convenience. Plus, the system lets you identify the caller by name instead of just a phone number. Its design is attractive (though a bit ill-fitting on your ear), and it even sports a nifty accelerometer, which helps you perform calling functions just by tapping your earpiece or shaking your head. WIRED magazine calls it “the best headset we’ve ever used” and Bluetooth magazine says “The Aliph Jawbone Era is the best Bluetooth headset available today.” Buy it here.

Plantronics Voyager Pro UC: When your phone is ringing, you just put it on your ear and your call is immediately answered. Plus, the call button automatically locks when you aren’t wearing the headset, so you don’t accidentally dial your boss while you’re taking a long lunch at the bar. Though it’s a bit on the pricey side, the Voyager Pro comes with a lot of softphone, PC, and VOIP capabilities. CNET and PCWorld both give it 4 out of 5 stars, while Amazon users rave about its sound quality. Buy it here.

Motorola Finiti: This headset system features “stealth mode,” which allows you to fully eliminate environmental noise using the product’s bone conduction technology. The Finiti is also compatible with an app for your Android that lets your mobile device “read” your text messages out loud. The multipurpose call button is smaller than the one on many of its competitors; but with a price under $100, the high-end features are definitely worth it. Reviewing firm alaTest gives the Motorola Finiti a 95 out of 100, while gives it high marks for its appearance and lightweight feel. Buy it here.

Keeping away from cellphone use in your car? Yeah, right. (Might as well drive around without music, too.) But getting a hands-free headset can lower the odds of getting in a wreck. So it is a compromise worth making.

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