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an autumn road
November 18, 2021


Happy Turkey Day! Our wish for you this Thanksgiving is that you enjoy time with your family and friends and spend less time stuck in traffic trying to get to them. To show how thankful we are for you, we created a guide of helpful tips for your Thanksgiving commute:  Be flexible with your travel plans. According to Google Maps […]

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a man crouching in front of his wrecked car
October 12, 2021

What To Do After An Accident

Car accidents can be scary and unpredictable. Although accidents aren’t something we want to think about, knowing what to do afterwards can help make a difficult situation easier.   To be prepared, the Insurance Information Institute (III) has laid out a guide on how to handle the aftermath of an accident.   Following an accident, immediately:  Pull over. If possible, pull your car […]

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tips for driving on the highway
September 16, 2020

Tips for Driving on the Highway for the First Time

There’s something freeing about hitting the highway for the first time on your own. You’ve worked hard for this moment—you’ve practiced with friends and family, took driving courses, and learned to parallel park in order to earn your license. Soon, you’ll be cruising the interstate with ease, but right now, you might be a little […]

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