East Coast Vs. West Coast: Which Rapper’s Cars Cost More to Insure?

One thing not on any rap star’s list is cheap car insurance. It’s just not possible. Rap stars live an outsized life, as a rule, and they have outsized cars to go with it. But who’s shelling out more for insurance? And should they step down to a more modest car? We compared East Coast and West Coast to see who drives what, how much it costs to keep it on the road, and whether it really is worth it.


Sean Combs, Maybach Zeppelin

We’ll spare you any jokes about his nicknames, mostly so we can talk about the car.

What is Maybach? A luxury brand so obscure that it only sold 317 cars in 2008. But those cars cost serious money: Diddy is such a fan he just bought his sixteen-year-old son one, and it set him back $360,000. It’s probably the 600 horses under the hood. Or maybe the cologne sprayers in the dashboard.

Total Insurance Cost: The Maybach is so rare, most insurers won’t cover it, but considering the rarity, cost to fix, and overall expense, Diddy can expect to be paying at least $3,545 in premiums. And remember … he’s got more than one!

Can He Afford It?: Sure can, with a successful record label and stable of stars, plus his own music career and his vodka. That should keep him in the green.

Kanye West, Aston Martin DB9

There are two sides to Kanye: the brilliant, tortured artist putting out critically acclaimed, widely selling hip-hop albums…and the guy you see on awards shows that even the President called a “jackass.” We’re not sure which one drives the DB9, but it shows great taste.

Total Insurance Cost: $3,120 in premiums. Possibly a bit more, since his jackass side makes people want to run him off the road.

Can He Afford It?: He just had a platinum album with three hit singles, and he’s a respected producer. He should be able to swing it.

Jay-Z, Maybach 62S

One of the most financially successful rappers in history, Jay-Z does nothing on a small scale. That’s why he’s married to Beyonce, that’s why his concerts are always huge, and that’s why he drives a Maybach.

This is even more expensive and fancier than the Zeppelin, if you can believe it. Puffy must be inflated with jealousy.

Total Insurance Costs: Again, the Maybach is rare, but if he’s paying less than $3,500, it’s because he bought an insurance company just to lower his premiums.

Can He Afford It?: Unless something went badly wrong after September for him, he’s currently worth $450 million. Beyonce is worth about $300 million herself, so she can pick up the tab if Jay’s feeling cheap.



The Game, Bentley Continental GT

The Game is currently one of the biggest names in West Coast hip-hop, with his eagerly anticipated R.E.D album dropping next year. And he’ll come to the party in his Bentley.

Total Insurance Costs: $3,100, or more depending on the extras. Bentleys run forever, but they’re not cheap when they break.

Can He Afford It?: With several business ventures and a new album with our next member on the way, The Game will be driving his Bentley for a long, long time.

Dr. Dre, Hummer H2

Of course we didn’t forget about Dre, an icon of rap and still one of the best producers in the game. Or, for that matter, his Hummer H2. Because that’s a car that’s hard to miss.

Total Insurance Costs: $2,139, which for this list is practically frugal. Good for you, Dre.

Can He Afford It?: He owns Aftermath Entertainment, which counts Game, Eminem, and 50 Cent among its stable. We’re pretty sure he can swing it.

Xzibit, Lamborghini Gallardo

Xzibit is actually more famous for his TV show “Pimp My Ride” and his sad and happy faces than he is for his albums, but he’s definitely been productive, turning out an album every two years until 2006.

Total Insurance Costs: At least $3,200, as Lamborghinis are a bit, ah, rare, even ones with Adidas logos. But it’s a moot point because…

Can He Afford It?: Not so much. He’s got serious tax problems, and is currently leasing a Range Rover. Ouch.



It looks like the East Coast is paying mo

re for their vehicles, but we’ve got to wonder if that’s not because they’re selling more records right now. Fingers crossed for the West in 2011.

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