Edson Barboza’s Knockout Goes Viral

It takes a major accomplishment or event to become a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. SafeAuto Fight Team member Edson Barboza did just that as he executed the first spinning heel kick KO in the history of the UFC®! As soon as Terry Etim hit the canvas, social networking sites were abuzz regarding Barboza’s electrifying knockout at UFC® 142 in Rio!

Fans could not stop talking about the history making KO by Edson Barboza! Raul Junior Navarro posted on the SafeAuto Insurance Facebook page, “I’d say Barboza’s fight is going to be a candidate for best knockout of 2012!” @RamonDestroys summed up the fight in a tweet to @SafeAuto and @EdsonBarbozaJr in one simple word, “Amazing.” UFC® President Dana White couldn’t hold back his excitement either as he posted the following on Twitter. “Holy S***!!!!!!! Most brutal KO I have ever seen in front of me!!!!!”

Saying that Barboza’s knockout went ‘viral’ is an understatement. In addition to the highlight making Sports Center’s Top 10 Plays, the video of the KO received millions of hits online over the weekend. To make the feat even more remarkable, Barboza stated before the bout, “If I get the opportunity to knock him out, I’ll knock him out.” Edson walked the walk and talked the talk in presumably the greatest KO in the history of the UFC®!

The win strengthened Barboza’s claim on the title as one of the leading lightweights to watch in 2012. The spinning heel kick KO will be a staple on the UFC’s ® highlight reel for the next 50 years. SafeAuto Insurance couldn’t be more pleased that their logo (which was on Barboza’s trunks) will be a part of history. In the current social media age, the entire evening’s festivities can be summed up by the following hashtag: #EdsonBarbozaElectrifying

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