Exclusive Video from the SafeAuto Concert: Ice Cube (& Justin Case)

One of the headliners of the SafeAuto 97.9 The Beat Custom Car Show & Concert in Dallas was rap icon Ice Cube.  From his early days with NWA, his booming solo career, and the plethora of movies and TV shows he has developed, Ice Cube has been synonymous with hip hop culture from the very beginning. 

While performing his hits (including “Check Yo Self” and “You Can Do It” as seen on the video), Ice Cube kept the crowd singing along and his strong stage presence definitely showed that he is the rap gold standard.  Right before Ice Cube went on stage, SafeAuto’s Justin Case was brought before the crowd and said a few words (also on the video).

All in all, the concert was a great success, and SafeAuto Insurance was pleased to be the title sponsor of the event. 

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