Fârnhäan is Back | Fârnhäan 2.0

Everyone’s favorite virtual voice assistance, Fârnhäan, is back and better than ever. After a series of updates, Fârnhäan 2.0 boasts truly amazing features. You can also find more Fârnhäan outside the box: Fârnhäan Fit, Fârnhäan Auto, and Fârnhäan Haus.

Fârnhäan Fit

Creator Greta Von Blunk introduces the latest evolution of the Fârnhäan Family, Fârnhäan Fit – a health and fitness smartwatch that is so much more than just another fitness tracker.

“Get Fârnhäan Fit and go straight to health!”


Fârnhäan Auto

With the newest in Fârnhäan technology, we have brought our greatest artificially intelligent assistant into your vehicle with Fârnhäan Auto. With Fârnhäan Auto, you will go Fâr-nhäan.

Fârnhäan Haus

The final edition to the Fârnhäan family of products is Fârnhäan Haus.

“Move over humans. There’s a new head of household.”


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