Five Football Tailgating Tips

The weather has started to drop in many states throughout the country and the leaves have begun to change colors. What does this mean? For some, it demonstrations that fall is right around the corner. For many Americans, this reflects the most beautiful time of the year… Football season!

While the outcome of the game might be the most important aspect of football to many, tailgating is definitely a close second (at least in our opinion). We want to make sure that your car, truck or SUV is equipped with all of the main tailgating necessities so you can be the fan everyone deems the top tailgater!


Five Tailgating Tips:

  • Bring a Truck or SUV to the Game
    • This isn’t a requirement, but will definitely boost the overall tailgating experience. You can load up the trunk or cargo area with food and beverages that fans of your favorite team can enjoy. If you want to take your tailgating experience to the next level, install a flat screen within your truck with access to all of the big games! The truck and SUV provides more room and flexibility for your tailgate.
  • Find a Good Cook  
    • You can have the perfect tailgate location but if you don’t have great grub, you might as well throw the towel in. Make sure to find someone who is an expert tailgate cook. What does this mean? They should be a grilling guru so they have a wide variety of hot dogs, hamburgers; chili, chicken wings and nacho dip.
  • Invite The Right Crew  
    • Making sure you have a good initial list of people to attend your tailgate is crucial. If you have several friends (who happen to be football fanatics) that commit to your tailgate, the word will spread and your tailgate will turn into a can’t miss event.
  • Follow the Rules
    • Nothing will ruin your tailgate like a police officer officially canceling your tailgate or giving you a ticket. Make sure you look up all of the rules and regulations about tailgating around the stadium where you will be parking your vehicle. Once you find out all of the rules, inform all of your guests as their mishaps can potentially turn into your problem.
  • Pigskin Playlist
    • Make sure you have a music playlist that will get the fans around your vehicle amped for the game. You should include fight songs from your favorite team along with songs that are often played inside of the stadium (along with some classics that you know will be well perceived). It will be a wise investment to purchase a stereo system that can be heard over all of the noise happening around the stadium.

Follow the five football tailgating tips above and your parking lot experience will greatly increase. When all of your friends are posting pictures onto Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from your tailgate, you’ll receive an influx of requests to be invited to your next tailgate bash. As always, remember to drive insured as it is against the law to drive without proof of insurance.


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