Friends Who Met at Grocery Store in Contention for ‘Do The Jingle’ Contest

We didn’t believe the story we heard from the band members of That’s Classic! about how they met, and we’re guessing you won’t believe it either!

Cincinnati, Ohio natives Austin Bever and Colin Cooper have been making songs together ever since they ran into each other at the grocery store and started a conversation about music.

Colin is the beat maker of the group and Austin can break it down with his moves and knack for creative ingenuity. “Our exceptionally different thinking sets us apart from other jingles as we attempt to mix viral dance moves with incredible melodies and lyrics,” explains Colin.

If their chance meeting isn’t coincidence enough, both band members also drive minivans and both are proud of it!

“Winning this jingle would mean the world to us and we would rep our SafeAuto gear to the ends of the earth,” exclaims Colin. “Literally, everywhere in the world, you would see us in our SafeAuto shirts saying SafeAuto is legit…and they keep you legal for less!”

To listen to Colin and Austin’s jingle, and to vote for your favorite SafeAuto Jingle, visit


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