Gas Gift Card Winners Announced

If you follow any of SafeAuto’s social media channels, you are well aware of their gas gift card promotions. SafeAuto offers cheap car insurance rates to save policyholders money each month, but is well aware of all of the expenses associated with driving. That’s why SA decided to give drivers a break when it comes to filling up at the gas pump.

SafeAuto has randomly selected three winners for their most recent gas giveaway promotion. The lucky winners are:

  • Ashley K. from Tennessee
  • Carol C. from Illinois
  • Ellen W. from Pennsylvania


Congratulations to the lucky winners of the $50 gas gift card! If you weren’t selected, don’t worry… SafeAuto will be running more gas giveaways throughout the remainder of the year so stay tuned to their Facebook and Twitter page!

Until next time, stay safe while driving and don’t ever get behind the wheel without proof of insurance!

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