Go On The Go With A Special Equipped Van

Need a car for a road trip and you don’t have time to stop for a bathroom break? No Problem.  Need to sit outside someone’s house and photograph their every move, even when you absolutely, positively have to use the restroom?  No problem.

Thanks to the wonderful website eBay, a lucky bidder was able to address both of these concerns by purchasing a “specially equipped” 1988 Ford E-Series van.  Designed with the peeping tom surveillance specialist in mind, this van has every conceivable piece of electronic equipment from the early 90’s, including a VCR, CB system, video printer (whatever that is), and a genuine cellular phone!

Other features of this sweet ride include a periscope (for when you go underwater?), as well as a gun lock, steel partitions, and deadbolt locks on the doors (for when you just have to take prisoners).

But bar none, the most unique feature is the built-in toilet.  Where the waste goes, or how it’s removed is a question for another day.  To me, the key to this monster is that they didn’t overlook any detail, including the wood paneling.  So to recap; you get a roaming toilet with wood paneled walls, a gun rack, a CB radio, and a video printer, all for the low price of $4,150.00.  I’m not sure what this specialty van would cost to insure, but it must be worth every pretty penny.

God Bless eBay!

[Source: eBay]

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