Going Green Stops Drivers From Seeing Green…& Yellow, & Red

Put this in the “better in theory than practice” file. Citizens of Milwaukee are experiencing an unintended consequence of “going green” by installing LED bulbs in their traffic lights. It seems the LED lights do not get hot enough to melt the snow that accumulates on them throughout the winter, like their less efficient forbearers did.

In reality, drivers are treating these obstructed lights like stop signs, so we suggest unplugging them all together in order to truly conserve energy and mirror the small Dutch city of Drachten. 

Luckily for Milwaukee residents, their winter will end in only six short months, so the commute to Brewers games shouldn’t be too bad for fans. Now would be a good time for all Milwaukee residents to make sure they have car insurance, and if not, we know a place they can get a free quote.

[Source: Yahoo! News]

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