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Halloween Driving Safety Tips

halloween safety tips
October 23, 2019

Halloween is always a spooky time of year where adults and children alike hit the streets in the search for candy and light scares. With all the little ones dressed to impress, one of the main Halloween safety topics is, of course, driving. It is pertinent that drivers pay adamant attention to the road with higher volumes of foot traffic on and near the roadways.

Halloween safety statistics are unfortunately troubling. Halloween represents one of the deadliest days of the year for pedestrians, especially young children. According to Protect America, children are twice as likely to be killed in a traffic accident on Halloween night.

With kids running about in our neighborhoods, it’s crucial that parents and motorists remain even more alert. In order to help drivers and families stay safe on beggar’s night, here is our list of Halloween safety tips.

Halloween safety tips

Halloween driving safety tips

1. Stay alert.

During the hours of 4-8 p.m., an uptick in trick-or-treaters expands across the roadways. Given that, there is a chance you might encounter stopped vehicles along the way, who may be dropping off or picking up children, as well as kids darting across the street to reach another home. All in all, it’s essential to remain vigilant at all times.

2. Put your phone away.

With all the driving statistics that are out there for distracted driving these days, it’s a well-known fact that mobile phone usage while behind the wheel is a leading cause of traffic accidents. Thus, it’s best to keep your cell out of sight and out of mind when you’re driving.

3. Communicate with other drivers.

With the high volumes of foot traffic, it’s a good practice to ensure you’re not only communicating with pedestrians but other drivers as well. The best way to practice safely communicating with other drivers on the road is to utilize your turn signals when necessary and follow posted signage as frequently as possible.

4. Use your lights.

When driving through crowded neighborhoods with little ones milling about, it’s a good idea to use your lights. Not only will it help you as a driver know who all and what all is in front of you, but it will also alert trick-or-treaters and parents that you are in the area.

Drivers should understand that Halloween is an especially dangerous night to be out. By being extra cautious and mindful of safety while behind the wheel this Halloween, you can do your part making sure this holiday is a treat for everyone.

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