How Do Auto Insurance Companies Determine Car Insurance Rates

If you’ve seen SafeAuto’s advertisements, you’re well aware of our cheap car insurance pricing!  Did you know that you could save up to $500 by switching to SafeAuto? We also offer monthly payments starting at just $25!

You might be wondering, how does an auto insurance company like SafeAuto determine their car insurance rates? The DMV provided a very insightful list that shows how many companies determine their car insurance rates and price their product. Average car insurance rates can be based on a variety of factors, such as:

  • Traffic Tickets
  • Driving Record Points
  • Auto Claims
  • Occupation
  • Marital Status
  • Gender
  • New Cars Versus Used Cars
  • Driving History
  • Age
  • Auto Accidents

If you feel that one of the above mentioned scenarios might make your average car insurance rates expensive, don’t worry! SafeAuto, the leader in affordable car insurance, will cover you even when others won’t. You can see for yourself how low your car insurance rates will be with SafeAuto by obtaining a fast and free online insurance quote today!

There is much more detail that goes into determining our car insurance rates, but we wanted to provide a basic overview for our readers in this blog post. One of our more recent slogans is Drive Safe. Spend Less. If you drive cautiously, in the long run, it’ll likely lead to lower car insurance rates. Hopefully as low as $25 per month!

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