How Expensive Is It to Insure a Rap Star’s Cars?

It ain’t easy being a rapper. Sure, you’ve got money, fame and musical ability. But in order to keep appearances, rappers need to have nice clothing, expensive jewelry, and most importantly, ridiculously awesome cars. These cars are not only pricey, but cost a ton of money to insure. How much? Read on.  Want cheap auto insurance rates? Avoid buying these rides:

Nelly – Ford Flex

Nelly likes SUVs, and the Ford Flex is an interesting choice. Most rappers usually like more glamorous cars, but the low-slung Flex is a different type of vehicle. It’s like a cross between a station wagon and a truck, which is good when Nelly needs to take the kids to school (he’s got two).

Cost to Insure Per Year: $1,203.54


Dr. Dre – Hummer H2

We all know that Dr. Dre doesn’t mess around – the dude always looks kind of angry. So it’s no surprise that Dre rolls on a Hummer H2, just to make sure that if you’re in front of him, you feel totally intimidated. (Just like with medical doctors.)

Cost to Insure Per Year: $1,977.96


Andre 3000 – Cadillac Escalade

Andre 3000, which sounds like the name of a really cool robot, is actually one half of the rap duo Outkast, in case you forgot. This guy enjoys American luxury with the Escalade, and he’s so excited about his SUV that his hair is standing on end! Either that, or someone just rubbed a balloon on his head.

Cost to Insure Per Year: $1,851.02


Snoop Dogg – Chrysler 300

Snoop likes to drive and show off a totally modded out Chrysler 300 from a company called DUB. That sounds like a perfect name for a company that customizes rap stars’ cars. And Snoop likes it, although he usually seems pumped about everything. Hey, what other celebrity can wear sweatpants in public?

Cost to Insure Per Year: $1,342.80


50 Cent – Lamborghini Murcielago

Yep, 50 Cent prefers Lamborghini as his daily commuting vehicle. How do we know this? One day he was late to work, and was ticketed by the police for speeding. But if you’re 50 Cent, you don’t care. You just want to get rich or die trying. (We think he’s definitely got the “rich” part down.)

Cost to Insure Per Year: $2,980.17


T.I. – Dodge Challenger

T.I. likes the Dodge Challenger, but he’s added some custom 22” tires in the front, and 24” ones on the back. With T.I.’s criminal record – he’s done three stints in jail – we’re not sure this is the best “low-profile” vehicle to steer clear of the police, but it does look pretty sick.

Cost to Insure Per Year: $1,912.74


Chris Brown – BMW 645

His career has taken a nosedive after the charges of felony assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna, but he’s still got the money to drive a BMW 645 with 22” wheels. Normally, BMW would be happy for the free promotion, but in Chris Brown’s case, they’re probably wishing he’d trade in for a Honda.

Cost to Insure: Uninsurable with Chris Brown driving.

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