How Much Do You Trust Your GPS? Not As Much As These People

Some may call it an over-reliance on technology, some may call it a flat-out lack of common sense. Either way, this story helps reinforce the message that when driving, you should only rely on your GPS system to a certain extent.

The Rhoads family of Reno, Nevada did not heed this advice, as they followed their in-car GPS in the wrong direction for about three days. Seriously.  You would think plunging deeper into the snow covered land of Oregon would alert them to something being wrong, but alas, the Rhoads’ just kept plugging away getting closer to Canada and the Pacific Ocean, than the land of Lt. Jim Dangle.

In fact, they finally stopped driving the wrong way when their car got stuck in a foot and a half of snow, losing GPS signal, and having the GPS send out its coordinates to 911.  There is no telling if they were willing to drive into the water had this not happened, after all, it could be the GPS’ way of avoiding the crippling desert traffic and taking a nautical shortcut.

[Source: USA Today]

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