How to Beat the Heat in Your Home

When the heat of summer starts burning a hole in your wallet, it’s time to take action. You can’t control the temperature outside, but you there are some steps you can take to beat the heat inside. Here are some tips on how to keep cool in hot weather.

how to keep your home cool during the summer how to keep cool in hot weather

7 Ways to Beat the Heat in Your Home

Grill out

When you’re trying to keep your home cool, do not cook inside. If you don’t want to eat out, grill out! This is a great way to prevent heating your home even more with an oven.


Keeping the humidity down in your home is an easy way to make it feel cooler. Using a basic dehumidifier should do the job.

Set fans to counter-clockwise

Reversing the rotation of your fan will push the warmth to the ceiling rather than down into the room. Increase your fan’s speed to further increase the airflow and create a wind-chill breeze effect.

Turn out lights

Lights produce heat. Incandescent lights are the biggest culprits so if possible, replace them with LEDs to reduce heat output. If this isn’t in your budget, simply keep them turned off.

Close your blinds

According to Handyman, up to 30% of unwanted heat enters your home through your windows. Closing your blinds or shades will keep the sun from heating your home. Blackout curtains block even more light and therefore, better insulate your room. 

Open windows at night

Even during the summer, nighttime tends to be cooler. Leave your windows open at night to cool your home without using the AC. Though, it’s important to only do this when it is safe. If you live in a two-story house, it’s probably best to only leave second story windows overnight.

Hang laundry to dry outside

Similarly, to grilling out, hanging your laundry out to dry rather than running your clothes dryer will prevent introducing additional heat into your home. It will also reduce your energy usage, which in turn puts more money in your pocket.

These simple home cooling solutions will not only help you beat the heat, but you can always reduce your energy usage and lower your monthly bills. Another way you can lower your bills is with the right homeowners insurance for the right price. Get a free quote today!

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