How to Get Car Insurance Discounts

We have yet to meet a customer who doesn’t love a good deal. At SafeAuto Insurance, we pride ourselves on offering reliable and affordable car insurance. In addition to our great rates, there are still ways to get even more discounts on your car insurance. Below is a list of some ways to score good pricing and uncover hidden car insurance discounts.


1.            Multi Car Discounts: Of course, your overall car insurance rate will be higher if you are insuring two vehicles vs. one, but per vehicle, you could be paying a cheaper car insurance rate compared to insuring your vehicles individually.

2.            Lump Sum Payment: We know that making a car insurance payment online can be a frightening process, especially when trying to save money for groceries, gas and bills. If a driver signs up for a six-month car insurance policy, they will actually save money on their overall premium! Additionally, the driver won’t have to worry about making payments on a monthly basis and will have proof of car insurance for the next half year!

3.            Good Driver Discounts: These usually apply to drivers that have not had an accident or a ticket in the past three to five years. And, a bonus tip is that every good driver in the household could potentially receive this discount, which can greatly reduce your car insurance rate.

These are some possible discounts that are available with your auto insurance, however, if you do some research, you may even be able to find some more obscure ones. We hope this list saves you some money just like we know that being insured with SafeAuto will. For a free car insurance quote, visit or give us a call at 1-800-SAFEAUTO.



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