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How to Get Your Car Out of Snow

Traction in snow
February 7, 2020

During the winter season, dealing with roadblocks and obstacles is not uncommon for drivers on the road – especially when it comes to snow. Snow has two extremes for drivers: a light fall from the skies that powders our roadways or a heavy downpour that accumulates on the road that makes it a nightmare to drive through.

When the forecast calls for a heavy downpour of snow, drivers need to be wary of the possibility that their car could get stuck. We’ve all been there – you’ve heard the forecast, you’re bundled up ready to take the day, only to find your car buried in heavy snowfall. Getting your car stuck in a pile of snow is a very common occurrence for drivers during the wintry months and is one that many drivers don’t prepare for.

We know that freeing your car from seemingly insurmountable snow can be a headache. Luckily for you, your friends and family at SafeAuto have five foolproof ways to extract your car from heavy snow this season.

traction in snow

Five ways to get your car unstuck from the snow

1. Clear a path for your tires.

First and foremost, be sure to clear a path around your tires. In order to get your car out from under the snow mound that has accumulated around your car, you need to free your tires. Ideally, having a snow shovel in your car will make this step of the process a lot easier. However, if you don’t have one on board, it’s a safe bet someone in the parking lot will.

2. Work the rocking technique.

Once your tires have a path to freedom, your next step is to begin the process of getting your car out from the snow and back on the road. For the rocking technique to work, get behind the wheel and begin rocking back and forth between drive and reverse with your foot lightly pressed on the gas pedal. As repetitive as it may seem, this method helps break your tires free from the snow.

3. Add traction.

If the rocking technique did not work out, don’t fret! If you’re still spinning your wheels, it’s safe to assume your car needs some help getting traction beneath the tires. In order to help your car out, you can put something on the ground add traction for your tires.

Traction in snow will help your tires grip the ground and get you that much closer to hitting the roads again. Things such as sandbags, salt, kitty litter as well as tire chains for snow and ice are known solutions in gaining traction again. Optimally, it’s best to have at least one of these items in your car in order to be fully prepared. However, if you don’t, perhaps a driver nearby can help you out.

4. Get some muscle to help push the car.

After you’ve cleared a path, have attempted the rocking technique, and have added traction; the next step is to see if you can get some good Samaritan’s around you to help free your car from the snow mound.

In order to keep everyone safe, make sure your car is set to forward gear only (if your car is being pushed from behind). When you’re ready, let the people around you know, and gently press the gas as they push.

5. Go straight and go slow.

Once your car has some momentum, be sure to keep your steering wheel facing forward. By straightening your wheels, it will make it seamless to emerge your car from the snow. Once your wheels are straight and you’ve safely emerged from the snow, your free – now, just be sure to drive slow!

By understanding what items can help get your car unstuck from the snow as well as how to free your car from it, you can feel prepared and at ease no matter what the forecast calls for this winter.

It’s no secret that wintry conditions can cause immense stress amongst drivers, especially when our cars are unable to hit the roads like they normally do in warmer temperatures. During these trying months on the road, please drive safe and stay warm!

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