How To Make Cookies On Your Car’s Dashboard

Have you ever thought to yourself, “My car is so hot it feels like an oven!”? Put those words to test by actually using your car as an oven. The Cookie Monster taught us all that C is for cookie, and that was good enough for him. But now C is for cookies baking in your car.

An article by explains how you can create these tasty treats full of chocolaty goodness on the dash of your car. Here are some of the keys to baking “car cookies”:

  • Park the car so that the dashboard gets full sun for an extended period
  • Place something under the cookie sheet to prevent damage to the dashboard
  • Put an oven thermometer in the window to monitor the temperature
  • Check on cookies periodically to prevent overcooking
  • It must be at least 95 degrees F outside, preferably warmer
  • Don’t plan on driving the car for a while

Another bonus is that if you get pulled over while the cookies are cooling off, you will have an excellent bribe conversation-starter for the officer as he asks you for proof of insurance as well as your restaurant license from the health department. For more info on turning your car into a roving Toll House, watch this video.


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