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How to Properly Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

red ornaments on a christmas tree
January 12, 2022

With the holidays over, it’s time to take down the Christmas trees. If your family decided to go with a live tree this year, you may be wondering what to do with it now that the holidays are over. Look no further – we’ve created a list of steps to follow to ensure that your tree removal process is safe, environmentally friendly and headache free.  

  1. De-Decorate. Before throwing out your tree, make sure all ornaments, lights and tinsel are taken down. Most recycling places won’t take a tree that has décor still attached! 
  1. Don’t let the tree dry out. If you let a tree dry out, it can become a fire hazard in your home. To avoid this possibility, undress and dispose of the tree before the limbs turn brown 
  1. Cover and take outside. Wrap your tree in a tarp, trash bags, or an old sheet and carry it to the curb. From here, your options depend on the community you live in. You can either: 
  1. Arrange for curbside pickup – Most communities that offer recycling also offer tree pickup within the 2 weeks after Christmas. Usually places ask that you cut the trees into 4 foot pieces. You can find all of your local requirements here. 
  1. Deliver the tree to a recycling center. If you have a vehicle that can carry your tree, consider delivering it to a local recycling center to be turned into mulch.  

If you’re also looking for a guide to take down your outdoor Christmas lights, we have safety tips you can find here. While you’re getting your home back to normal for the beginning of the new year, consider getting insured. Whether you own or rent your home, you can find coverage with SafeAuto! Visit us at or call us at 1-800-SAFEAUTO.  

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