How to Save Money Moving

If you just bought a new house or signed a lease for a new apartment, you need a moving plan. Spending more money on movers may not be in your budget, so your friends at SafeAuto have some ways you can save money moving to a new place.

How to Save Money When You Move

Tips to save money moving


The more stuff you move, the more you will pay movers to move your stuff. The more you move, the bigger the moving truck will need to be. Rather than move things that you don’t really want or need, get rid of them first. Sell any valuables, then donate or throw out the rest. This will also help you save time packing and unpacking. Win-win!

Collect boxes

Rather than purchasing boxes, visit your local small businesses to see if you can get free boxes they no long need. Other popular places to get free boxes include liquor stores, bookstores, grocery stores, McDonalds, and Starbucks.

Rent a moving truck

If hiring movers is outside of your budget, rent a moving truck, gather up some friends, and move yourself. By loading the truck strategically and making sure your items are boxed up and ready to go, you could potentially get the job done in a day. This will save you hundreds of dollars on labor.

Move on a weekday or off-season

If you are planning to use a moving company, moving during a weekday or the off-season could save you money. The late spring through early fall is peak moving season, so moving companies keep their prices high to meet the demand. They tend to drop their prices during the off seasons to encourage business. If you have flexibility, get quotes for various days in the month to see if you can save some cash.

If you combine these strategies when is time to move, you can save money moving and make the whole event less stressful. Why not keep the saving train going? Get a free homeowners insurance quote or renters insurance quote from Safe Auto Group Agency and you could save even more money.