Hurricane Season Car Safety Tips

Hurricane Season Car Safety Tips

Summertime is a season of watermelons, lake rides, fireworks – and hurricanes. Hurricane season officially began on June 1st and will continue until November 30thFor your knowledge and safety, we have accumulated some hurricane preparations for you and your car. For more tips and information, make sure you follow our social channels.  

Hurricane Car Safety 101: 

  • In case of evacuation, make sure your car is ready to go. Before the storm warning rolls through, take your car for a tune-up at the mechanic shop. You want it in tip top shape if you need to leave town unexpectedly. Make sure there’s good oil, nice tire pressure, and no overall concerns when it comes to driving. Taking pictures of your car’s interior and exterior before a storm is also recommended – to show your insurance provider what was damaged.  
  • Assemble an emergency kit and store it in your car. SafeAuto created a list of emergency items to always keep in your car. These include, but aren’t limited to a first-aid kit, water bottles, an extra phone charger and walking shoes.  
  • Park in a safe area.  Stay away from anything that can cause damage to your car. We recommend parking in a garage, to protect your car from high winds. If you don’t have access to a garage, park close to a building.  
  • Fill up your gas tank. With more drivers on the road, gas will be more expensive and less available. Fill up your tank so you are ready to move when you need to.  
  • Avoid driving in floodwaters. The National Weather Service says do not drive in floodwaters. Abandon your vehicle and get to higher ground, if you can do so safely.  

Will my car insurance cover my car if damaged in a hurricane? 

  • Filing a damage claim due to a hurricane should be done right away. Insurance offices get high claim volumes after hurricanes strike. Most policies included coverage if your car is damaged or destroyed, call your insurance company to confirm what coverages you have.  

Here at SafeAuto, we always want you to play it safe. Not only during the hurricane season, but through every season of life. In 1993, SafeAuto began as the car insurance carrier that gave more consumers access to the coverage they needed that complies with the law, at a price they could afford. For hurricane coverage, call us today to increase your protections or visit safeauto.com.  

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