If Do The Jingle Had An Anthem, This Would Be It

Trudel Sisters Do the Jingle Jingle

As we stand today, almost three weeks since the Do The Jingle contest began, there have been many interesting story lines, most of which can be found throughout this blog.  While pondering whether or not to write a summary, the Trudel Sisters beat us to the punch with their excellent song that really sums up how the last three weeks have unfolded.

With shout-outs given to many of the entries in the Top 20 the Trudel Sisters displayed their singer/songwriter talents, much as they did in their original entry. If this were an entry by itself, I have no doubt it would garner many votes. 

We know of great movies about movies, but a jingle about a jingle?  It was only a matter of time.

We hope to have an upcoming feature on the sisters, if they aren’t busy recording another jingle about how the rest of the contest will unfold.

[Trudel Sisters Original Jingle]

[Trudel Sisters Jingle Jingle]



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