In-Car Road Emergency Kit: Infographic

In-Car Road Emergency Kit: Infographic

It is always good to be prepared. Breakdowns on the road can happen at any time, anywhere, and having the necessary equipment on hand will make getting back up and going easier. Packing an in-car road emergency kit is easy and can help keep you safe.

Your roadside emergency kit can be customized based on your circumstances (length of drive, climate, etc). While keeping that in mind, here is a run-down of the basics that everyone should have on hand, as recommended by the National Safety Council.

Tips for Making Your Own Emergency Roadkit

Once you gather up all your necessary pieces, store them in a plastic storage bin and make sure it’s always stocked. When items expire, replace them. Get in the habit of checking your road emergency kit once or twice a year to ensure you are always prepared when you need it most.

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