Interactive Voice Commands for Cars

According to Agero Connected Services, a Dallas-based provider of connected vehicle services for the automotive, insurance, and aftermarket industries, integrating voice and touch-screen controls could be the key to reducing driver distraction.

Interactive voice commands for performing tasks secondary to driving are essential and new federal guidelines have been developed to ensure that these systems are being developed.

Current systems that use these interactive voice commands can be confusing and often times have inaccurate results. Improving these systems is imperative to minimizing distractions while driving. By utilizing the best practice of maximizing simplicity, these systems can be vastly improved and will help drivers pay more attention to what’s happening on the road, rather than to what’s happening in their cars.

At SafeAuto, we’re all for anything that will help reduce distracted driving and keep all drivers more focused on what’s important… the road! If in-car voice commands are the way of the future, then we’re on board! Of course, however, no matter how closely you’re paying attention, accidents still do happen. For those unfortunate times, make sure you’re insured (plus, it’s the law!).

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