Intersection in St. Petersburg Desperately Needs Traffic Lights

What do you get when you mix icy roads, Russian stop signs, and 12 lanes of oncoming traffic in one intersection devoid of traffic lights?  You guessed it, the need for a camera to record all the wacky fun that ensues. 

Thankfully, a YouTuber with access to the footage, a penchant for using the Avatar font, and a less-than-effective spell checker was able to edit and upload some of the wreckage going on at “Glory Avenue”.

While we don’t want to be the ones to tell the city formerly known as Leningrad how to run their roadways, it seems the good citizens can save a lot of money on their auto insurance bills by either avoiding this intersection, or by insisting that their comrades in the traffic department pony up some cash for a few stop lights.

[Source: YouTube]

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