Interview with Do The Jingle Finalist Darius Johnson

Darius Johnson, a leading finalist in our Do The Jingle contest, is an aspiring 19-year-old actor who may become a nationally-recognized singer, should he win our grand prize of a $5,000 national advertising contract. According to Darius, acting is his true calling, but we think he’s got the gusto to belt out the tunes as well! We recently sat down to learn a little bit more about Darius, and why he decided to enter – by himself – as a contestant for Do the Jingle.


Do you perform professionally?

I am an up and coming professional actor. Performing is my life, my drive and my desire.

What made you decide to join the contest solo, as opposed to getting a group together?

After watching the “Do the Jingle” promotion featuring [last year’s winner] Lady Rerun, I thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase my talent, since I’ve been impressed with the time, energy and exposure SafeAuto contributes to its commercials. I joined solo as opposed to getting a group together simply because I wanted it to be about my talent and what I could do for SafeAuto, not about putting as many people as possible in my video to win the contest. After all, SafeAuto should be the focus. Selling the insurance itself was one of my main goals.

How have you promoted yourself for this contest?

I have promoted myself by good old-fashioned word of mouth — sharing with family and friends and social networks, and especially to those who have supported my efforts.

What will you do with the prize money, if you win?

If I am the winner, I’ll invest every dime into furthering my acting career. Although the money is good, for me the opportunity to have a national commercial with a company like SafeAuto is even more impressive. I feel I have a lot to offer, but just need the platform and opportunity for it to be displayed.

What sets you apart from the other finalists?

What really sets me apart is that I’m good, and I truthfully sell insurance. Check out my video. People are now singing the phone number and really getting the message of saving money with SafeAuto. I am the only solo participant near the top! Sure, there is power in numbers, but I like the power to sell insurance for SafeAuto. I could give Justin Case a run for his money! And I think he’s great. But the two of us together could really sell insurance. I think this is a great promotion for SafeAuto and it sets them miles apart from other insurance companies.

The Entry:

You can vote on Darius Johnson’s “Do the Jingle” entry here. To see a list of the top 20, check out the “Do the Jingle” official website.



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