Introducing Same Day Pay

At SafeAuto, we are always striving to make things better for our policyholders. As of June 2018, we teamed up with InsurPay to launch Same Day Pay per our claims process. This program places SafeAuto as one of the fastest insurance companies in the industry to approve and disburse payments to our insureds, claimants, body shops, medical providers, and vendors.

same day pay payment options

Advantages of same day pay

Same Day Pay – getting payments into our customers’ hands – fast!

Why wait as long as 5-10 days to receive reimbursement on your claim when you can have money in hand within hours? With Same Day Pay, you can have money in your account that very day. Other advantages of Same Day Pay include:

  • More payment options, which can help you avoid cash checking fees
  • Same day vehicle release
  • Shorter overall claim turnaround

How same day pay works

You had to file a claim. You want to get paid. Now what?

Once your claim is filed, you will need to verify your identity electronically, which will require a valid email address and a home or cell phone number. This multi-stage verification process ensures that the correct individual is paid. Once you are verified, you can then choose your payment type.

The traditional reimbursement method was to simply have a check mailed via US Mail, which can take several days.

With Same Day Pay, you can have your funds deposited into your checking or savings account, which will give you access to your funds within the next business day, or you can have a prepaid debit card or choose to have your payment loaded to your existing bank-issued debit card. You simply need to provide your claim number and unique verification code, then enter your debit card number with expiration date and your payment will be loaded on your card within the hour.


We hope you never need to file a claim, but if and when you do, we can now complete the payment process – from offer to cash-in-hand – in a matter of hours rather than days via InsurPay. If you’re not a current SafeAuto policyholder, get a free quote today.