Jon Jones: Champion Fighter and Amateur Crimefighter

A car security system such as a GPS tracking device, a car alarm, or an ignition disabling device can really go a long way towards reducing your auto insurance payments. They prevent theft, give the police information to track down and arrest the crooks, and make vehicle recovery that much easier. But, as well-designed and efficient as these systems are, recently in New Jersey they pioneered a new system of car protection: Jon Jones, UFC Light Heavyweight champion and now enemy of car thieves everywhere, or at least in the New York/New Jersey area.

Jones was in Paterson, NJ, on March 19th because he wanted to meditate in front of a waterfall and reflect on his life to this point. In February, he’d taken down Ryan Bader in the second round with a guillotine choke in the last fight on his UFC contract, handing Bader his first loss, and winning the “Submission of the Night” bonus. Right after he finished the match, he was told he’d been given a shot at the title. Of course, standing in his way was one very large, powerful obstacle: the Shogun himself, Mauricio Rua. This was Jones’ most important UFC fight, and he needed to be centered and ready.

Then Jones, along with his trainers Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn, happened to see an unidentified thief break into a car and begin rummaging through the contents. They shouted at him and at this point the car thief made two very bad mistakes:

1) He didn’t recognize that there was an MMA fighter and two trainers standing right in front of him.

2) He started running.

Jones, a former high school wrestling champion, easily caught up to the thief, and, in true Karate Kid style, swept the leg, dumping the thief face first into the concrete. His trainers took over, one double-legging the thief and the other pinning his arms to look for weapons. The thief was arrested and Jones then…promptly went to the waterfall, which was apparently quite beautiful.

Committing good civic deeds and meditation clearly helped, because Jones defeated Rua in the third round with a TKO, thus winning the Light Heavyweight title.

The car thieves of New Jersey had better hope this doesn’t become a good luck ritual for Jones. On the other hand, it’d do wonders for everybody’s auto insurance rates, so we fully encourage him to keeping sweeping those car thief legs.

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