Kentucky Mom Competing in SafeAuto ‘Do The Jingle’ Contest

While Christy Gambrel has been a singer and songwriter for most of her life, first and foremost, she is a mom. Currently living in Louisville, Kentucky, Christy continues to pursue her passion for music and has passed this passion (and talent) onto her children, whom she loves to feature in all of her music endeavors (including her very catchy SafeAuto Jingle).

Christy had her first child at the early age of fourteen, and after giving birth to him after only 25 weeks, he suffers from several disabilities including mild mental retardation, central nervous system dysfunction, developmental delays, and Tourette’s syndrome. “Danny dreams of being on stage in an arena where he can rock hundreds of thousands of music loving fans,” explains Christy. “He is very accomplished at the drums and speed drums and Danny was born with the gift of music.”

Her daughters, Cornelia and Skyla, were also blessed with this gift. “Cornelia loves to sing and dance and write poetry,” states Gambrel. “And Skyla is a born singer! She is singing at the top of her lungs all the time. She also writes songs and takes piano lessons.”

Christy hopes to win the SafeAuto Do the Jingle contest not only for the exposure it will bring to her own career as a singer and songwriter, but also because she feels it will help her children begin their own music careers and show them that with hard work, dreams really can come true!

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