Labor Day Road Trip Necessities

Labor Day is the holiday, which for many Americans marks the end of the summer. The warm weather months are notorious for barbecues, outdoor activities and road trips! If you are trying to decide on a last minute road trip for Labor Day or already have one planned, we’ve compiled a list of must have items for the car ride!



  • Having your favorite mix of songs while driving throughout the country is a must! Whether you are into alternative, classic, hip-hop, country, or all of the above, memorable songs will make the time fly!


  • Gas stations and convenient stores definitely have a wide variety of snacking options. The problem? They are overpriced! Stock up on snacks, sandwiches and Capri Sun before hitting the road. You’ll be thankful for all of those energy drinks when you’re eyelids are getting heavy! Taking this step will ensure that your hunger and thirst will be satisfied, as will your wallet!


  • We’re pretty confident that the majority of our readers have a smart phone. Taking photos on your mobile device during a road trip and posting them to Instagram is always a good idea! The next scenic view that you plan on stopping at, take a picture so you have the memory saved and can also create social interaction! Just don’t text and drive!

Picnic Gear

  • When you’re taking a photo of the scenic view, why not enjoy the meal (which you packed) while listening to your tunes in a comfortable setting! Bringing lawn chairs, blankets and even a football to toss around will certainly break up the day and make for a relaxing pit stop.

We hope everyone has a safe road trip this Labor Day weekend. Our motto is Drive Safe. Spend Less. Following the above-mentioned ideas will ensure that you are not only following the SafeAuto slogan, but also having an unforgettable 2013 Labor Day road trip!

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