Latin Music Maker Hopes to Represent SafeAuto with his Jingle

Manny Tavarez, also known as Manny T, is a pianist, composer, producer, and bandleader currently living in New York. Manny has been making music ever since he started playing Latin and Jazz at the young age of 7.

These days, Manny specializes in making Latin, Dance, and R&B music, however, for his version of the SafeAuto jingle, he wanted to do something a little different. “I wrote a fusion of Rock with a Latin flavor and a catchy melody,” explains Tavarez. “What makes my jingle special is the fact that it’s direct, to the point, and easy to digest.”

Manny dreams of becoming the next SafeAuto Do the Jingle winner, as he feels that this contest can give him the chance to take his music career to the next level. “Winning the Do the Jingle contest would mean a lot to be because I know it will open doors and give me the opportunity to show the world my talent,” Manny remarks.

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