Liquor Commish Fired After DWI

It’s never a good idea (or legal) to drive drunk.  Especially when your job title is “State Liquor Commissioner.” Or should we say former job title.  After former New Hampshire liquor commish Richard Simard was arrested and charged with DWI, he immediately went to county jail and for his troubles, received a sobering (pun intended) option for his new facebook profile pic. 

While Simard refused to take a Breathalyzer test, suspicion of drunken driving was enough to warrant his employment termination, as handed down by New Hampshire Governor John Lynch.  So far all you job hunters in New Hampshire out there, there is an immediate opening for a government job with full benefits, paid holidays, and a really cool job title.  Just be sure to have a designated driver and play it safe.

File this one under the “too obvious to make up” department.

[Source:  WMUR New Hampshire]

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