Los Angeles Musician Dreams of Starring in SafeAuto Commercial

Corey Fogel, from Los Angeles, California, considers himself a “one-person band” and has always been a performer and musician at heart. He aims to come up with as many creative solutions to making music by himself, sometimes even by turning household objects such as fabrics or flowers into musical instruments. Corey loves to create performances that hook his audiences with different tokens of familiarity but still leaves them asking questions… And this is exactly what he tried to do in his SafeAuto Jingle.

“I feel that my jingle stands out primarily because of its multi-tasking elements,” Corey explains. “I am driving, playing the cymbal, singing, and filming myself. It was not easy! I’m also singing the song without any traditional musical accompaniment, (guitar, piano, etc.) which some might consider to be brave or risky.”

Corey has always dreamed of making it big in the music world, and he feels that SafeAuto’s Do the Jingle contest may just be the key. “To star in a Safe Auto commercial would be an important and unique colliding of worlds. It would bridge gaps between a more widely-known commercially-oriented avenue: TV/YouTube, and my typical home which is underground and experimental music and performance art.”

To listen to Corey’s jingle and vote for your favorite SafeAuto jingle, visit www.dothejingle.com.


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